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Raghav Krishna is a Grade 4 student at New Delhi Private School, Sharjah (NDPS) and a high achiever in multiple fields. He was born and raised in Abu Dhabi. After his schooling at Abu Dhabi Indian School until Grade 2 (where he won Merit Certificate for 1st Rank in Academics), he moved to New Delhi Private School, Sharjah and resides in Dubai. He always scores 98%+ in all his school exams. 

Very strong in Mathematics and Science, Raghav Krishna is an ardent Olympian winning Maths and Science Olympiads year on year. He won Gold medal (UAE Rank 1) in Maths Olympiads and Bronze medal (UAE Rank 3) in Science Olympiads conducted by International Olympiad Foundation (IOF), UAE in 2018. In 2017 he won Silver Medal (UAE Rank 2) in Science Olympiad and 5th Rank (Honorable mention) in Maths Olympiad of IOF. 

In 2017, Raghav Krishna secured UAE Rank 1 and won Scholarship Prize (2018: UAE Rank 4) in the Mental Maths Competition conducted by Ignited Mind Labs, India. Raghav Krishna won the Young Graduate of the Year Award in 2017 from UCMAS, UAE for Abacus. In the last 3 years, he won several prizes in the National & International level UCMAS Abacus Competition. In 2018, he became the National Champion of UAE in the Flash Anzan Mental Abacus in under 9 category in the UCMAS National Competition. 

Raghav Krishna also won Certificate of Distinguished Performance at the ASSET Exams (India) and won high ranking at the CAT4 Congitive Abilities exams (UK). Raghav Krishna was part of the team which won the Best Programmer at First Lego League in UAE in 2018. He won Silver Medal at the KenKen Competition in UAE in 2018 reaching the National Levels. Very proficient in Recitation, he always won 1st prize at School each year at recitation competitions at School. In 2018, he represented his School and won 3rd prize at the prestigious and well establish Waxing Eloquent in 2018 (UAE National Level Inter School Competition) at Millennium School, Dubai (Gems Education). Raghav Krishna's passion for reading led him to win the "Voracious Reader" award at his school. 

As for sport, he loves for Football and trains at the reputed Juventus Football Academy in Dubai (previously trained at AC Milan Football Academy). With a flair for Martial Arts, he currently holds "Brown Belt" in Karate and trains under the prestigious International Okinawan Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate (United Karate Group) Dubai. He participated in the Guinness Book of World Record attempt for most people performing Karate Kata in Dubai and won a certificate of Appreciation. 

Raghav also trains in Carnatic Vocal Music as well as into Bala Vihar Hindu Religious learning. In 2018, he won the highest possible ranking of "Outstanding" (2017: Excellent ranking) in the UAE National Level Bhagavad Gita Recitation Competition organized by Chinmaya Mission and won Gold Medal. 

Raghav Krishna's ambition for now is to study Astronomy at Harvard / MIT and become an Astronaut.  

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