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My parents and teachers have supported me to reach out to many so called achievements. They have always given me the much needed trigger and support to explore different fields. My school had given me various opportunities to showcase my talents. And yes... I believe I was able to make immense contributions therein. I believe I was much active in terms of academic performance and have won several subject topper awards, scholar badges and scored up a full fledge A1 for my 10th boards, also hope for better results for 12th, the best of what I can give out of myself. I had served leadership roles from being a class leader, council member, Eco club member, Subject prefect, to being a deputy school prefect and I was happy to serve in these positions and I believe I could make the best out of me in respective fields. I also took immense pleasure and interest in participating for extracurricular activities such as flower making (talent day/1st prize twice), robotics exhibition, art exhibition, math marathons, News reading and reporting (Book Fair-Media One), Interschool Arabic Spell bee competition (1st prize), intra school Qira’at Competition, Interschool Arabic and Islamic poem calligraphy(winner) and Best out of waste exhibition at Dubai Chamber. I have also volunteered for student initiatives at school such as workshops and student teacher and buddy roles. I believe every opportunity I got have bubbled up a drop of encouragement, motivation and confidence in me to do more and better. I wish I can continue this up to fulfill my future endeavors. Once again, a bunch of thanks and gratitude for everyone on the list who shaped me to what I am today.

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