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ItsCredible Forays In Middle East Through Partnership With Yallaschools For Enhanced Credentialing

Posted on - 18th August, 2023 Posted by - Yallaschools


ItsCredible Forays in Middle East through Partnership with Yallaschools for Enhanced Credentialing

Yallaschools, a technology-driven platform that simplifies school selection and connects Educators, Parents, and Students seamlessly forming a trusted global education network, is thrilled to announce its partnership with ItsCredible, a pioneering name in digital credentialing solutions. Yallaschools has selected ItsCredible as its digital credentialing partner for all their prestigious award ceremonies.

With this collaboration, ItsCredible is expanding its footprint to Middle East through Strategic Partnership with Yallaschools in UAE. This partnership makes ItsCredible accessible to Schools, Universities and Institutions in the region who wants to seamlessly transition to instantly verifiable digital certificates.

ItsCredible's innovative platform empowers Yallaschools to elevate their recognition process by seamlessly transitioning to instantly verifiable digital certificates and awards. This strategic alliance enables Yallaschools to honor awardees with dynamic and secure digital certificates, forging a future where accomplishments are celebrated with enhanced impact and authenticity.

Yallaschools' commitment to informed-decision making and accessibility align perfectly with ItsCredible's mission to turn recognition into trusted recognition. The partnership symbolizes a shared vision with technology & trust at its forefront. It is yet another milestone in Yallaschools' journey to providing the best to its deserving students, teachers and educational institutions.

"This partnership is a natural extension of our dedication to revolutionize education technology," stated B.Saurav, CEO of Yallaschools. "ItsCredible perfectly aligns with our shared vision of transforming education through innovation. The benefits of the platform are many as it not just provides us with a digital infrastructure to swiftly and seamlessly create, issue, manage and notify shareable and verifiable certificates but also empowers our educators, students and schools with enhanced credibility and opportunities."

“Educational institutions partnering with Yallaschools will experience a paradigm shift. By adopting ItsCredible's technology, schools gain an arsenal of benefits. Administrative efficiency is bolstered as paper processes switch to secure digital platforms. Moreover, as ItsCredible’s digital certificates enable students to amplify their achievements in their networks, schools are likely to benefit from the increased brand visibility and lead-generation ability.”

"Yallaschools' dedication to making education accessible resonates deeply with us," commented Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Founder of ItsCredible. "Our blockchain technology guarantees the credibility of digital credentials, which is a testament to the dedication both organizations share towards a more connected, sustainable, and empowered educational landscape."

About Yallaschools:

Yallaschools has long championed the cause of accessible education. Founded in 2019 by a group of educationalists and entrepreneurs, the platform's mission centers on enabling parents to find and apply to schools across the Middle East. The multi-language platform is designed to be an engaging experience for Parents, Students, Schools simplifying the process of School Search and Admission, based on SMART Technology and providing them with an ultimate virtual experience from the comfort of their home or office, 24x7, 365 days, a year.

About ItsCredible:

ItsCredible is a leading provider of innovative digital credentialing solutions that empower organizations to create, issue, notify and manage verifiable and shareable digital certificates, badges and other credentials. ItsCredible redefines the concept of conventional certificates and makes them lead-generating tools for issuing organisations. evolutionizing certificates ItsCredible ensures the utmost credibility and integrity of credentials, creating a future where achievements are recognized and valued with trust and transparency.

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