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Sagrika Mehta is currently studying in Grade 10. She is an outstanding student who always secures 96% and above in academics. She is a confident and focused student who believes in creating a change in her surroundings. She has a great interest in public speaking and has even participated in many MUN conferences. She is the environment coordinator, IT Head of the MUN Core Council, a member of the Environment Committee as well as of the Health and Mind club of her school. She has participated in many clean-up drives. She is a silver medalist in the KENKEN International championship and has even won many awards in different olympiads. As a result of her sheer determination, she holds a number of records from various organizations. She loves writing and conveys her desire to save the environment in the form of poetry. She writes poems and articles dedicated to spreading awareness. She loves photography and considers it as a medium to connect herself with nature. She has even been connected with renowned organizations and has been serving as the HR of the organization. Her ambition in life is to serve people and make the world a better place

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