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Svettlana Chatterjee is a Dubai-based 16 year old student publishing her first book: The She Executive. Svettlana can be recognised as an academically and commercially perceptive personality, with scholarships and work experience to show for it. In the past year she was the global top scorer for the IB MYP examinations and is now in the midst of the IB Diploma Program.

Her academic excellence has been paired with her accomplishments outside the classroom to formulate her all-rounded nature. Although her interests in business are something she would like to pursue fiercely in the future she has a range of interests that span from artistic representations to team sports like football. She has had her artwork narrating women’s issues exhibited internationally, with that being the offset for her feminist advocacy. Svettlana has been a TEDx speaker and has many national public speaking accolades. The She Executive, a passion project that she pursued over the past year, challenges assumptions about both feminism and business. It provides a foundation on feminism for business and discusses the way forward, integrating women's perspectives and implementing feminist principles.

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Mohana Das

2 years ago

Wow! So proud of your achievements! Keep shining!

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