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Stephanie Sarath is a young talented athlete who has shown a complete passion for her sports. She began off by playing Tennis at the age of 5, including Karate as well, and has never missed her chance to participate in any extracurricular activities introduced in school.

She has taken part in competitions such as The Shuttle time Badminton Team Championship 2021. She won a badminton tournament- ‘Anytime Badminton Tournament 2021’. She also secured 1st place for the AIS athletics competition 2021 u17 girls Shot put and javelin and the Ultimate athletics competition 2021 u17 girls Shot put and Javelin for which she is the current record-holder. She secured 1st place and record holder for the Ultimate athletics competition in Javelin and Shot put in 2019 as well.

Stephanie has received an award from the school for Outstanding achievement in IGCSE Physical Education and sports achievement. She was the captain of the under 14 and 16 athletics team, and captain of the under 16 badminton team for her school. She was lucky to bag an award for the UAE Teen Sports and Fitness award 2019 for the outstanding Athlete Achievement in the U15 Females Mixed Martial Arts. Stephanie has shown complete commitment when it comes to training as they are reflected in her performance and her achievements.

She won her first badminton tournament in the Manipal University Zest competition 2019, where she was the champion in the women's doubles. In addition, stephanie started karate at a very young age when she was 7 and has taken part in various Kumite and kata competitions where she always returned with a medal. Stephanie was very fortunate enough to represent UAE in the 'BWF World Junior International Series, Dubai' for badminton as well.

In May 2019 she was finally awarded her black belt after all her hard work and an extreme passion for this sport, and she continues to strive in achieving her sports at a higher level one day. For now, she has filtered her performance in sports to just focus on athletics and badminton in which to date she still continues her training.  

Apart from sports, Stephanie has never missed an oppurtunity to get on stage, she has been performing in music and art concerts since she was in primary, she won an award for her performance in the 'Pranavam Music and Dance Centre', in which she played her violin. She would also take part in many 'Story Telling, and Elocution including Bible reading competitions' in her church. When it comes to the drama club, she was always the first few to enrol in a drama play, such as taking part in the schools drama production on 'Macbeth by Shakespeare', and even in all the christmas or easter programmes. Stephanie is a very approachable woman who is always ready to help her community, thus awarding her the 'Community Service Award' from her school, Cambridge International School, Dubai. 

To add on, with all these activities she has accomplished, Stephanie is still able to bring home decent grades and has never shown a lack of support or interest in her studies, and is always enthusiastic to learn more in her subjects, allowing to her achieve her AS levels with AAB grades especially during hardtimes like the lockdown for COVID-19. She has always found time to somehow finish most of her assignments on time and always keeps a reliable schedule in which she can complete both her sports and academics. 

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