They consume themselves to light our lives. Let us express our gratitude to those who shape us into better human beings. Our journey wouldn't have been possible without them. To Post a Thank You note for your Teacher, Counselor or Principal,.........

Thank You Teacher



ABC Private School, Abu Dhabi

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Thank You Teacher


Keerthi Kumar K J

Abu Dhabi Indian School - Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi

As parents, we might work as engineers, doctors and scientists, but nothing can really compare to th....

Thank You Teacher


Nikhat Bandri

Gems Millennium School, Sharjah

A great teacher is the one a student remembers and cherishes forever. They have a long lasting impac....

Thank You Teacher


Latika Narain

The Indian High School Senior Campus, Dubai

Ms. Latika Narain, Head Mistress at the Indian High School,Dubai, has inspired thousands of students....

Thank You Teacher


Sharmeen Shaikh

Gems Millennium School, Sharjah

A million thanks to you !! I noticed that my child has improved a lot ... I know his big achievement....

Thank You Teacher


Alyas Ali

Shining Star International School, Abu Dhabi

A Gem of a person he is, no words can describe his style of leadership. He is a leader who believes ....

Thank You Teacher


Ruby Fuzail Ahmed

Our Own English High School, Dubai

Your smile and care make every child feel the school is their perfect home. Ms.Ruby is an exemplary ....

Thank You Teacher


Shibanti Bhowmik

Abu Dhabi Indian School - Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi

Thank you, Ma’am, for always being there for your students. It is not just about showcasing....

Thank You Teacher


Meenakshi Dahiya

The Winchester School , Dubai

Ms Meenakshi Dahiya is an educator par excellence- a nurturer, a true leader and a trailblazer. Ms M....

Thank You Teacher


Teresa Varman

Gems Millennium School, Sharjah

She has a clear vision for the school , exhibits excellent leadership qualities. fair and consist....

Thank You Teacher


Dency Joseph

Gems Millennium School, Sharjah

She was my son's class teacher 3 years back. A good teacher identifies the true potential of ....

Thank You Teacher


Mansoor Ali Shah

American International School, Dubai

I am writing today on behalf of Mansoor Ali Shah who is the college counselor at the American Intern....

Thank You Teacher


Sanjeev Jolly

Gems Our Own High School, Dubai

He has done things that bring pride not only to the child but also encouragse other students, teache....

Thank You Teacher


Lisa Olsen

Collegiate American School, Dubai

"She follows the children in the ups and downs of life. Ms Lisa manages to lift these children ....

Thank You Teacher


Valerie Thompson

GEMS Westminster School, Sharjah, Sharjah

Every day Ms.Valerie is able to make a positive impact on the lives & futures of so many st....


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