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Christina Mary Rajan is a Talented, Socially Responsible, Committed, and Caring student of Grade 3, from Gems Millennium School, Sharjah, who always scores 98-100% in her exams. Her goal is to become a Scientist for the Development of Sustainable Future.

She is Multi-talented and has won many a prize for Singing, Drawing, Innovation, Chess, Athletics, and she actively participates in outreaching programs partnering with Charity and Humanitarian organizations.

Kenken International Championship

Bagged 2nd place at Emirates Level, 4th Place at the National level for KenKen International Championship (Mathematical Puzzling) out of 2300 students from all over UAE.

Innovation and Technology

She is very interested in innovation and technology and has won future racer challenge (3D Racing CAR Modeling) 2020 by Yas in School, "Gold" and "Platinum" certificates for STEM@Home Challenges (2020) by ADNOC, First Prize for a short story competition by BEEAH, Environmental Excellence Award 2020 (title, "Marina and Marine Mapper"). Won School level awards "Seamap Machine" for 2019 (for Marine Life Protection), "SMART Mask" (for ceasing the spread of COVID-19 in schools) for 2020.



Singing is her passion, bagged 1st Prize for Solo Singing (2019 and 2020), 2nd Prize 2018 in School Competition, 1st prize solo singing in the annual competitions held by community (2019, 2020), 2nd prize (2018), an active member of the Junior Choir, won the best entry for the final round in the Middle East School Choir Fest, was a grand finalist of "International Indywood Talent Hunt 2020" for Western Vocal.


She loves art especially drawing and is a winner of UAE Ministry of Interior's Emirati Children's Day "Creative Child Competition" (Mar 2021), winner of drawing competition by Sharjah University College of Fine Arts and Design under the theme "Earth a better Place" (2019), 1st Prize for Khaleej Times' Art Competition " Most Thoughtful" art title for a drawing on COVID-19 (2020), 1st prize for drawing in the International Indywood Talent Hunt 2020), Winner - drawing competition by Credence School (2020). Her drawings have been frequently featured in Young Times.

She is passionate and caring, considers the frontline workers as superheroes, and dedicated a drawing for the frontline workers that won 1st prize from the school. Her drawing inspired by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Book has been entered for a competition.


She is very skillful in creating various crafts and has a YouTube channel displaying her talents, takes classes for other children. Her Mother’s Day poem has been shortlisted by GEMS Cambridge (Mar 2021), won 1st prize for inter-school competition for Arabic and English Poems. Her musical talent come to life through learning piano and recently passed Initial level with 96% (Trinity College, London).

Sports and Games

  • She is committed to lead a healthy lifestyle and visits Al Majaz park for playing and has won fitness challenges held by the school.
  • She likes to use tactical thinking and received 2nd prize in the school chess competition.

Outreaching Program/ Campaigns

  • Currently partnering with 3 international humanitarian organizations to support families with basic needs and to provide ICT devices for poor children. She has also been involved in distributing meal packs during Ramadan in labor camps.
  • Socially committed, she has taken initiatives to drive the "stay safe, stay healthy", campaigns during COVID-19, spreading awareness. She is certified as "Mohammed Bin Rashid University Community Immunity Ambassador".
  • Environment-friendly campaigns are her passion and currently contributing to "reduce-resue-recycle" projects in the UAE, created awareness among other students on SDG goals. Her toys and used materials form part of initial contributions to green projects, partaking in growing a vegetable garden in the school, as part of the green revolution by UFK community.
  • Earth hour campaign, International Breast Awareness Campaign, International Women's Day, are a few of the other campaigns she is actively participating in.

Overall, Christina is focused on Integrated Development, Excellence, Contributing to Society, and committed to Sustainable Future.

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Pushpa Mahesh Krishnan

3 years ago

Christina is a talented girl. Polite, responsible, dedicated and down to earth. She actively participates in all the activities. All the best dear!

Brighty Mathew

3 years ago

She is very talent and deserves all she have achieved. May God bless you Christina. May you be the shining star always


3 years ago


Anncy Roshini

3 years ago

Christina, well done.  May Almighty bless you with more blessings and talents.


3 years ago

Good job dear.God bless

Reni Susan

3 years ago

Congrats dear...You have surely made us all proud.....Keep excelling....KEEP IT UP! God bless you Christina....!

Delsey Gickson

3 years ago

Good work Christina..May God fulfill all your dreams come true

Mini Mathew

3 years ago

Congratulations on your well deserved success christinamol....

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