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Aashika Singh, age 11, student of grade 6 Indian High School is an ever growing, Enthusiastic and cognitive learner who believes in “thinking Global and acting local”. Keen learner, innovator, thinker, reader, environmentalist and hard worker, who believes in playing her role to perfection through innovation, dedication and commitment, an individual who demonstrates high ability across a wide range of learning areas. As far as my understanding for her goes she understand her role and responsibilities towards the society she lives in and constantly tries to play a noble and humanitarian role which contributes to the happiness of others. Have been associated with organization such as Dar Al Ber society (UAE), Awadh Social and Educational Development Society and Rruurrals Educational Development Society (India), where she is continuously recognized for her social and charitable works. She is also associated with Emirates Environmental group, EEG where she is the highest contributor of recycling materials from the individual section for the last 2 years she has just not worked individually but have engaged her neighborhood for the environmental cause. She has been an eager innovator who believes in smarter tomorrow whilst keep the nature close to her heart, She has been working continuously on her robotics and coding skills, where she was the winner of the innovation competitions, her project/model “Heal_Bot” was adjudged as the best model in the inter- school Makex competition, her Board game too was adjudged as the best board game in the inter-school competition.

Has a proven and unparalleled academic records where she has just not been an outstanding student who has received Achieves award on a regular basis,and is currently the Sub Junior Head Girl in the school, but also has received accolades from different organizations viz Brain O brain Abacus where she has been a champion for last 3 years, Also has won the “Wonder Kid” competition conducted by Brain O Brain. Has been the winner of Inter-continental Spell Bee Competition and winner of Spell Bee and Maths Bee competition conducted by MaRRS on a regular basis. Has been a regular winners in IOF ,Crest and SOF Olympiads, Runner up in literary festival, Representing school in the Emirates Literature festival and many more similar achievements.

She has been unleashing her creative side quite often through her drawing and painting which has won her many awards in school and has been a writer by passion her write ups are been published by Reedz reading application and has been rewarded as winner by the Consulate General of India for her Essay writing competitions and has been a regular award recipient for competitions organized by the India Consulate and has been recognized for her creative side through different platforms recently.

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