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Isha R Nair is a six year old Grade 2 student at Kings School Nad Al Sheba. She is bubbly, curious as any other child of her age, but her innate passion for exploring new things is something amazingly noticeable.

From a very young age of three, Isha had a great interest about discovering and exploring the world countries and their geographical data. By the age of four , she knew the capital cities of almost 160 independent countries in the world. Her quest for geographical knowledge started widening when she was recognized in talent shows and mastered most of the countries flags, national animals, currencies and can identify most of the country locations. Her win at the 2018  KIDS HQ Talent Hunt and being the most youngest winner is worth mentioning in this regard. Isha always has an inbuilt tendency to share her knowledge and the right platform was given to her in a Kids workshop organized by Aces LLC in their “Wonder Kids - we showcase to Motivate “ programme , and  she motivated older kids to master capital cities of 40 countries in just two days. 

Isha was always encouraged by her family to do a world of good for the environment and humanity. Every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Isha is part of the Ramadan Fridge Sharing and every day after school goes with her mother to fill in the fridge. As a family they always serve packed Iftar packets throughout Ramadan . Every year, Isha uses her savings from pocket money to buy school bags and stationaries for under privileged children. Isha was recently recognized for her volunteering efforts in aid of under privileged children by the Ministry of Climate change and Environment. Whenever she visits India, she volunteers for her favorite charity – Smile Foundation and collects clothes and books for the foundation.

She is also an Ambassador for “Green Gratitude”, a nonprofit campaign for sustaining the environment and an initiative by Aces LLC. She also contributes by recycling newspapers, used books, electronic waste and aluminium cans with Emirates Environmental Group.  As a recognition for her young talent an article about Isha was published in Dxbuzz (Talents) in Khaleej Times. She has also been an active campaigner for cancer awareness and recently donated 30 cms of her hair to victims of cancer.

Academically, Isha has always been maintaining her top grades at School and started reading at a very young age. Isha is a GIFTED reader and has an inbuilt author in her. She shares her passion for reading and inspires other young readers to read through her book reviews. She is the winner of the 2019 Browzly Summer reading challenge. She has also been awarded the “Star of the Academic Year 2017-2018” by Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children. Isha’s apt English diction and confidence in speaking was recognized and she was invited by School of Little Voice to do voice overs for Radio Commercials in the city. She is a regular speaker on air with Magic Phil on Pearl FM.  

Isha has keen interest in painting and chess. She discovered her logical reasoning skills and proved herself by building and programming simple robots. She participated in FLL Junior and won accolades at the UAE National level for FLL Junior.

She equally participates in physical activities and has keen interest in Roller Skating and is part of the School Swim Squad Development team.


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