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As a school student, I spent a lot of time participating in different events. Primarily, I am a consistent student academically. I achieved a scholar badge in grade nine for my annual result. In tenth grade, for my board results, I attained an overall percentage of 94.6%. I chose the science stream in my eleventh and twelfth for my interest in medicine. I participated in the Global Aptitude Challenge. I also participated in the ASSET Examination several times. I took part in Green Olympiad as well. I was qualified for the National round of GCC Asianet Think and Learn Challenge. In terms of leadership achievements, I was elected as the Eco-Leader of my class in eighth grade, followed by the position of Council member in 9th Grade. I was also a bus perfect on my STS bus. In eleventh grade, I was chosen by the senior leadership team of my school to be a prefect. In the extra-curricular field, I was a part of a mime competition in which we won first place. I participated in several other inter-house competitions held by my school. I also won the second position in the robotics Competition. Speaking of Sports Achievements, I won the 2nd place in 4x100m race. I also participated in 100 m and 200 m race for which I won the 1st and 2nd place respectively. I am planning to pursue a career in medicine although I'm equally passionate about forensic science. I'm excited about my future journey.

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