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My school life has been one of the most memorable and worth-sharing parts of my life. I did achieve a series of things during the past few years. To begin with, academically, I try my best to keep my academic results consistent. In grade 9, I got a scholar badge. In grade 10, I attained 93.2% in my board examinations. In the area of leadership, I was allowed to be a House Captain and the Activity Captain in my early years in my school. I was also the Council Member in grades 9, 10, and 12. I was a prefect in grade 11. In the Extra-Curricular Achievements field, I always managed to participate in every event I could. I participated in GIC (Global Innovation Challenge) in 2019. I also contributed to Science and Mathematics Exhibitions during my middle and senior school times. I participated in the Environment Conservation Program of my school. I am also a dancer with a keen interest in developing the quality into a professional one in the years to come. I perform Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyattam along with the western forms. I was also one of the top 10 finalists in the UAE cedars drawing competition. I attended Green Olympiad in grades 8 and 9. I have also taken part in the Big Idea Wizkid several times. I attended the robotics exhibition conducted by the school in 2017. I also hold a Guinness World Record for participating in the Flower Of Tolerance, the largest flower carpet. As far as sports is concerned, I have a passion for badminton and basketball.

I look forward to achieving and experiencing more things life has to offer.

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