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Kanshika Manikandan is a clever and charismatic 3rd grader from Delhi Private School, Sharjah. She is an all-rounder student, and inspires her friends to follow her steps.

She is a human calculator, and super-fast multiplication and division calculations at her age, is something that awes many people. She has achieved many accolades in Mathematics field, being one of the youngest students of the academy to reach the level of excellence.

She is very passionate towards art, which is seen in her multi-faceted achievements in Art, including, being the 1st place winner of FAO (Food and agricultural organization) Soil Salinization awareness competition among numerous entries received worldwide and Winner of Federal Bank, Tamil Nadu NRI Drawing competition for 75th Indian Independence Day. Her recent artistic piece won the 1st place in Rotary 20th International Painting competition.

Her extra-curricular activities are not only limited to these two. She has also been an active member of several environmental campaigns and has been recognized by many acclaimed Organizations such as Thirst Foundation, FAO, Eedama, Al Rawabi, Crejo.fun, etc. She also is a chess enthusiast and enjoys playing keyboard.

She has also received appreciation and grants from Sharjah Private Education Authority, Hindi Olympiad Foundation, Telecommunications and Digital Resource Authority.

Her favorite subjects are Science and Maths, and she aspires to become an architect and develop sustainable buildings for the future.

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