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Gurnoor has been consistently scoring the top grades and has been rewarded Principal’s GEM along with GEM Of the Term for Math (Outstanding Performance in Math), GEM Of the Term for French (Outstanding Performance in French), GEM of the Week (For outstanding and effective participation in Arabic), GEM Of the Week (For being super enthusiastic and participating in extra-curricular activities), GCS Work of the Week (In acknowledgment of outstanding contribution in English). Gurnoor works extremely hard and ensures she gives her best in every lesson. Her active participation has also shown in her grades. The amount of hard work she puts into it also shines through her work and achievements. She has also been awarded gold and emerald certificates during Education Perfect EXPO Schools Discovery program where she did many lessons and courses to earn points and to be the top one on the list.

As sustainability is one of the key aspects in UAE’s vision and agenda.  Gurnoor is the sustainability advisor at the school and also the GEMS Global Ambassador which included over 45 GEMS Schools. The GEMS Global Ambassadors' Society is a collaborative community created to spread awareness, take concerted actions, and provide innovative solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

As the ambassador, Gurnoor encouraged many other students to take part in the GEMS PLOGGERS event. In partnership with Dubai Municipality, the UAE’s second-ever ‘plogging’ event took place in Dubai on 20 November. The initiative, titled GEMS Ploggers and organised by the GEMS Global Ambassadors’ Society, Gurnoor inspired many students to participate in an inspiring joint sustainability-fitness drive.

Not only did participants clean up the beaches and raise awareness of the damaging impact of plastic pollution, but they also used the occasion to celebrate the UAE’s 50th year ahead of National Day as well as the 30x30 Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Gurnoor has been going to many events, from picking up trash to planting trees with the ministry. She has been supporting the school GCS team and has been working with them to come up with new initiatives and activities for the school. Gurnoor has been collaborating with many other UN component organisations as well.

Gurnoor has also been taking part in  many government initiatives, for example, Dubai Youth Council and Dubai Municipality hosted an initiative to plant 1,000 trees in Al Mushrif Forest.  She also got the chance to learn why the Al Ghaf and Cedar trees are such a special part of the Emirati Culture from Dubai Municipality’s landscape specialist.

As a part of MUN Impact, Gurnoor been collaborating and meeting all the partnering schools/organisations. She has also been doing weekly organic garden visits and hosting weekly meetings with the team. 

She is also a lead For the MENA Region at 100k deeds and Co-Head of Asia Pacific. Her job is to encourage everyone to contribute to making the earth more sustainable.

Being a member of the Translation team, it is Gurnoor’s job to translate for those who have trouble understanding any language by translating them to their first language. In addition to that, she is also a member of the StoryMaps Team, the StoryMaps are a cumulation of various resources such as videos, social media, maps, graphs and old-fashioned text and links. Gurnoor is  responsible for making presentations to curate resources in a way that supports the MUN community. Gurnoor is also responsible for creating quizzes based on different SDGs.

Gurnoor has also been working with Water Alliance during different events and spreading awareness about saving water and joining them in various initiatives they launched.

Gurnoor and the sustainability team at GCS have been doing weekly organic garden visits in collaboration with UFK and had planted variates of plants.  We have also created a blog page where we upload all the upcoming events and competitions for students to look at.

At MUN Impact, as a part of a team, Gurnoor and her team have to come up with innovative areas on how to solve problems and what their next goals are.

As a team, they have been coming up with different outreach methods and solutions.Even in lessons, Gurnoor was able to use her innovation to think critically and come up with new ideas.

Gurnoor has attended many innovation lessons at school. She has come up with innovative ideas  such as the Innovation Fair where they presented their robot called ATGDA. It is a robot that picks up trash.

Gurnoor has also been coming up with innovative solutions and ideas during many scenarios  such as coming up with initiatives on specific days such as earth day, and water day. 

Gurnoor has launched  new initiative for the student's well-being and mental health. Where they prepare assemblies for students on mental awareness topics.

Gurnoor and her team have also created their gas station model for their ADNOC Project. They used tinkercad to come up with their future gas station and also prepared a video for it.

She is also a part of the student newsletter team.

Gurnoor has always been a role model to other students, she has recently been awarded Principal’s GEM of the Year for her excellent performance in all areas such as academics, inter and outer school participation and always showing the GCS core values. She has been awarded various awards in recognition for demonstrating the values, such as respect, kindness, honesty and integrity. She has recently been awarded the GCS values champion and for being a role model.

Strong self-confidence is essential for a leader. Lacking confidence makes it impossible for anyone to lead successfully. Every decision Gurnoor makes and every action she takes is based on confidence.  An Inspiration: Gurnoor is a good leader that inspires others. A leader must be a role model for his followers. She motivates others whenever possible. Also, in difficult situations, she is always positive and never lose hope. 

Gurnoor always shows respect, whether it is at school, at home or outside. She does that in many ways such as listening to others, respecting their opinions, empathising with different perspectives, showing gratitude, or complimenting others. Gurnoor always keeps in mind that she must treat people the way she wants to be treated. Gurnoor’s ability to be honest, is also one of my strengths. She thinks being honest is very important in life, honesty is what establishes trust with people.Gurnoor uses feedback from others to improve her skills, for her it is essential to get regular feedback as it helps her know where she is lacking. Detailed feedback helps her reflect on it deeply and learn furthermore. Gurnoor thinks about what went well and what she wants to accomplish next time. Gurnoor has always been able to communicate well. According to her, communication is one of the most important aspects of understanding the people around us and making sure that everything is functioning correctly and there are no misunderstandings. When it comes to solving problems and thinking, Gurnoor has always been creative. As an inspiration to others, she has always displayed a creative attitude.

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