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A thirteen-years-old from The Indian International School, Dubai, Gerard Joshi is a grade 8 student. He is an avid reader, a spontaneous writer, a fluent orator, and a logical coder. He is an active blogger with a great sense of humor, a mature sense of understanding and an optimistic attitude towards life. Poetry is his second love, the first being exploring the latest technology, reviewing games and coding. He won the first prize for developing a scratch game at the 11th IT Marathon 2018, conducted by UAEU College of Information Technology. His poem, "In the name of peace" was also selected by a panel of esteemed poets and he was invited to recite the poem at "The Poetic Heart, 2019". He is also outstanding in his regular academics at school. A long collection of Robert Louis Stevenson would any day be his best way to unwind. He looks forward to exploring the world with an open mind.

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