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Adeena Asif, our little prodigy, takes up every challenge and has a passion to make a difference in the community. She is a purple belt karate girl who has won 3 UAE karate inter school championship tournaments and many school tournaments. She has won many awards in schools and inter school in other areas too. She is an activist who wants to create a sustainable world where the environment is safe. Adeena is a Youth Ambassador at Water Alliance UAE and a UAE country captain for Thirst Foundation organization. She has made a change in the community by getting young youth together who took part in many marathons like Plogathon run, world water day, world river day, world environment day, voice for water, etc. At GCS she has made a big change after becoming a Sustainability Ambassador, she had raised a campaign on yallagive charity to encourage the public to adopt a humanitarian cause, particularly fighting hunger, working together with sustainability team for green initiatives and make GCS organic garden better, many youths admire and follow her. Adeena describes having grown immensely from her work with teachers at GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah. In fact it was one of her mentors in the School who advised her to reach out to Student Success and keep doing activities that will help her to expertise in other areas and motivate others. Adeena had no idea but she kept participating in all activities not for certificates but to motivate other fellow students and become a role model at GCS. Adeena has achieved many successes at GCS, from a Substantiality leader to a youth Ambassador, a writer where she wrote her first book on how to keep soil alive with her team to aware people, at GCS Adeena has took part in so many school competitions and inter school competitions, she won many awards and principal’s GEMs. At GCS she learned a lot in English subject and has successfully won the inter school National Royal Spelling Bee competition at 2nd rank. In August 2021 summer break, she was one of the winner for ADNOC Stem for life challenges and she won 100 aed cash price from ADNOC. In November 2021, she was announced as the winner of Scavenger Hunt Challenge which was held by Sharjah Book authority and she was awarded with a cash prize of 500 AED from Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA). On January 13th 2022, Adeena was the winner for Speedy Recycling Challenge held by Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) and was awarded with a cash prize of 500 aed for the most innovative recycling project. Adeena always believe in herself even when it is not easy. If Adeena were to give advice to other students, she would tell them, Don’t be hesitant about acknowledging the skills you have. Maybe you will be able to find something that you will be good at and even do better that benefits both you and your mentors!

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1 year ago

Well done Adeena. Keep motivating and inspiring fellow students.


1 year ago

Well done Adeena. All the hardwork you put in shines through your achievements. Success is not too far when you are passionate and dedicated toward what you work for. Continue to aspire and to be a role model to your fellow school mates.

Fouzia Parkar

1 year ago

Congratulations Adeena. Well done. Keep motivating and inspiring everyone.

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