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Posted on - 19th March, 2021 Posted By - Yallaschools



Mr. Punit Vasu is an able administrator,conscientious and impeccable in his social skills.He shows great initiative and eagerness in providing top-notch service to the teaching faculty. A very special teacher who care about everyone of his students.His positivity and encouragement inspires not just his team but also students to excel themselves beyond boundaries.

His smile and caring nature makes every child feel the school is his home.He has unparalleled qualities rooted in his personality. I have known him as a student and admired many qualities , wondered how someone can be so multitalented.His benevolent and compassionate attitude towards the students, the drivers of the school and office staff makes him shine among the rest.His unconditional love and boundless trust has nurtured the students and made them realize their true potential.

Preparing students to use technology effectively is an essential real world skill especially under these unprecedented circumstances, as artificial intelligence, augmented reality,, data science and computing systems gain traction. Mr. Punit Vasu's school is investing in these programs as they ramp up to develop Ed- tech solutions.

The school is committed to offering high quality affordable education.planning a series of digital initiatives to upgrade their existing software and hardware.Significant investment has been made with Microsoft for a subscription of secure cloud based servicesIt will provide these services free of cost to all the learners and staff.The school is providing 100 percent free access to CBSE's textbooks and learning resources in digital form at no additional cost.

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Rosy George

3 years ago

Proud of you and your school. Glad I was part of this esteemed institution years back. Keep up the good work.

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