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I am writing today on behalf of Mansoor Ali Shah who is the college counselor at the American International School of Dubai. We have worked together for the past 4 years. I must be one of his biggest fans.

 Mansoor is a superstar, and he really needs a much bigger audience to be able to realize his true potential. 

 I met Mansoor many years ago at a youth leadership conference we were both attending with students from our schools. I noticed him from across the room as he had a great deal of charisma, and all of his students were really interested in what he had to say according to their body language. He looked like a young version of Omar Sherief.  

 And by the way, he still does! He is Bollywood handsome, and he is probably the most clever person I have ever met. After this conference where he referred to his students as sons and daughters, he was impossible to forget. 

 Mansoor came to work at my school a few years later, and I count it a privilege to have had the pleasure of working with him side-by-side. This gave me a chance to see how quickly he picks things up. It gave me the chance to see how organized he is and how his students are held to very high standards. 

 He knows how to interrogate, investigate, and get to the heart of what a student really wants in life. I wish my daughter could have been in his college counseling classes. For sure she would have had a full scholarship.

 I have never met anyone who could create a job out of nothing and make it into something quite spectacular, but this is Mansoor. He is incredibly capable. He knows a lot about IT, can speak fluently several languages, his English writing skills are close to perfect, and he has a very high IQ that serves the students very well. He can find where the scholarships are when no one else has a clue. He is like a private investigator. He always has the best interest of the students and parents at heart, and he fights for them and cares for them even more so than what anyone knows. He cries with their challenges and celebrates their successes. He is capable of always staying in the moment. He works very hard, and will stay up all night for several days in a row if need be to complete the task.

 He is in the miracle and make things happen mode at all times, and there is truly no stopping him.  I would think he could be a president of a country or an ambassador of any kind. He needs a big responsibility like this. He is someone who will travel at the drop of a hat to go explore any opportunity. He is passionate about making a fantastic life for his children and wife. He consistently Skypes with his family twice or three times a day. His children are extremely gifted, bright, mannerly, and disciplined.

 He has networks all around the world who are quick to help him when he asks. He is loyal and trusting, and he appreciates support. He is always grateful to our God above and always has his priorities in order. 

 What really impresses me is how he helps so many with such ease. i love having him around because he just seems to know how to do everything without exaggeration.

 I consider Mansoor to be a real friend, a true inspirational colleague, and I really hope he gets the attention and praise for his work that he deserves. 

 I really respect and admire this man.

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Dua Rehman

3 years ago

He is one of the best teacher and good human being ..

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