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Ms. Annahita Pagdiwalla, a visionary forward thinker firmly believes that Education is the key to a successful life - Education that will develop thinkers and leaders for tomorrow.She firmly believes that children should be taught the skills and not just the content. With this belief, she began her journey with Mayoor Private School, a centre of excellence for students where technology is the backbone of education. Students along with their parents and staff members here are given Image Management sessions so that they excel in all areas.

She led and hosted the Learner’s Walk organized by ADEC. She follows an open door policy not only with her staff but also with the students. She encourages her staff to make the lessons engaging, innovative and interactive so that students are engrossed in the classes to such an extent that the ‘ No Bell policy’ of school doesn't affect them at all. She believes that students should be provided a happy and safe environment. This belief has led the school to achieve a 98% safety certificate by the Civil Defense Authority of Abudhabi.
Along with Academics she also shows keen interest in Environmental issues. She has encouraged students to be ‘ creative scientists ’ and has initiated lab lessons right from Grade 1. Her initiative have helped the school achieve ‘Best Community Outreach Award’, ‘Best Environment Educator Award’, Best Outdoor Education Award’.
Winner of ‘Best Principal in International Zonal Award’ by the SOF foundation for the cumulative performance of the students in all Olympiads for the year 2016-17. This has motivated the staff to perform well and help the school achieve band A grading in the third year of its existence.

She is a perfect example of a passionate leader with broader vision. She believes in walking the talk and raising the bar for students at every phase of learning.

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3 years ago

The best principal .

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