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Posted on - 14th January, 2021 Posted By - Yallaschools



A great teacher is the one a student remembers and cherishes forever. They have a long lasting impact on the lives of their students. Ms. Nikhat Bandri is my son’s (4th grader) Hindi language teacher who inspired him to achieve his full potential. She has developed a strong rapport with him and established a trusting relationship. This brought him closer to her, and that he feels more valued and happier in her class. This led him to loving the subject and to always want to learn it more and more. She always pays attention to detail and consistently provides constructive feedback in detail (which is always very well accepted by our child), which consistently helped him to identify the areas for improvement and to always work at his best level. She also motivates the students to take part in activities related to the subject and thus makes learning and enjoyable one. She is a very passionate and dedicated teacher, who knows how to lead by example. Ms. Nikhat Bandri is an example to show that teaching is not just a job, but it is actually helping children nurture and adopt a very successful way of life. We are very fortunate to have her as our son’s teacher this year and we thank her for always being there to support and guide us whenever we approached her. We appreciate her for being an amazing teacher and wishing her all the success in the coming years!

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