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Posted on - 5th April, 2021 Posted By - Yallaschools



Dr.Marwa is an inspiration since she works extremely hard in order to provide the right education to children.  The skills that Dr.Marwa uses helps in encouraging the students to study the Arabic language. Thank you Dr.Marwa for the hard work and support you provide to our children. Arabic has been an amazing subject to learn, and it is easier for my kids to comprehend and learn Arabic. 

I don't even know where to start, Dr Marwa has been the best of not the best head of department I have ever seen. She is the most hard-working head of Arabic department ever and words can't even tell how good she is. I also want to tell Dr Marwa thank you for literally everything I own you a lot. I literally had 0 interest in Arabic before she arrived and now Arabic is my favorite subject and Arabic is my most enjoyable subject and all thanks to Dr Marwa. I literally had no clue on how to even say a word or to even pronounce it but now I can write paragraphs and read a lot of books and all thanks to Dr Marwa. What I love about her is that she treats everyone equal, and she makes sure that everyone knows and understands 100% of each topic she teaches. And when I'm not sure I always ask Dr Marwa without hesitation and she makes me understand it very easily and she is with no doubt the best head of Arabic department I have ever seen. Again, thank you Dr Marwa I owe you a lot.

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