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Posted on - 14th January, 2021 Posted By - Yallaschools


  • She was my son's class teacher 3 years back. A good teacher identifies the true potential of a child , inspires , motivates and brings out the best in them. She is a mother away from home caring and supporting the kids .A good teacher makes classes so interesting that students wont need to learn from home and they will never wanna miss a class.A good teacher wins the confidence of the parents , communicates regularly and make them feel proud of their children. And I can proudly say that Mrs Dency Joseph is such an amazing and hard working person who truly deserves the appreciation.
  • She is very kind and dedicates her time for children and ensures that quality education is given to children. She is a recipient and winners of 3 awards for her outstanding performance in training her children for 3 concerts consecutively. She bagged first twice and one second.
  • Our son was very fortunate to have Ms. Dency as his Teacher and she had a huge impact on his development in a very profound and important way. We have never witnessed any Teacher providing so much personal care, time, effort and attention to all her students as Ms. Dency Joseph. We only pray that all Teachers could develop into mature, compassionate and calm mentors like her.

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