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A million thanks to you !! I noticed that my child has improved a lot ... I know his big achievements are because of your dedication ... You have successfully imparted so many things that my son needs to know . As a parent of your pupil I thank you mam.

Mrs. Sharmeen Shaikh is our son's class teacher ( KG 2) for the academic year 2018 - 2019. As this academic year is coming to its end, words are not enough to thank her for everything she did this year for the overall development of our little kindergartner.

Mrs. Shaikh is a very positive, active, kind, humble and motivating teacher who transmits her knowledge and good qualities to the little children, which is much reflected in our child's attitude /behavior.

"Matha Pitha Guru Deivam" is a very popular adage in Sanskrit language. Translated word for word, it is " Mother Father Teacher God". The meaning of this adage is the greatest truth, and is the order in which one should offer reverence. First comes the Matha (mother), next the Pitha (father), and they then take the child to the Guru (teacher), and it is the Guru, through his/her teachings, points the child to the Deivam (God). Here God represent the consciousness or self awareness or the real self of a person.
Mrs. Shaikh is the real Guru of our child who helped our child in identifying his hidden talents (some of them were even a great surprise to us, the parents) and always motivated him to achieve his full potential in all the areas of his interest. He became more confident and independent in his academic and life skills at this very young age. We believe that his teacher plays a major role in bringing him up the way he is now.

Her feedbacks and suggestions are always well received by us as we believe that everything she does are for the betterment of our child. She always has guided us (parents) on how we can help our child pursue his dreams.

Mrs. Shaikh is an amazing teacher who teaches the language and math skills, wherein our child's improvement is remarkable. Kindergarten being the foundation stage, Mrs. Shaikh set it very strong for our child. We feel extremely happy when we see our 6 year old son confidently attempting to read story books and all the sign boards that he sees anywhere.

Mrs. Shaikh always goes an extra mile to keep the parents updated about their children and she often finds time to share glimpses of class activities with the parents. Her transparency drives us more closer to her and we trust her.

As mentioned earlier, words are not enough to express our gratitude for all that she did in this one year. She is a role model to everyone, a blessing to many children and their families and an asset to the school. On behalf of our child and the entire family, I wish her all the success in her life. May God continue to bless her to be a blessing to many and enlighten the path of their lives and serves as a true " GURU" by all means.

We see her as she is, we salute her and we wish to celebrate her as much as our child loves her!!

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