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Posted on - 13th June, 2022 Posted By - Yallaschools



I've known Ms. Marie Ramos as my teacher for the past 5 years. She is currently the Head of Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship at GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai (the largest all-girls school in the UAE). Ms. Marie has always been a pillar of undying support and a powerhouse of inspiration for all students from kindergarten to grade 12. Her students are her beloved daughters. She does everything for her students and for their growth. She not only encourages students to brainstorm innovative solutions to resolve various social problems but also goes the extra mile of incorporating essential 21st-century skills - namely critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication - into the curriculum to provide a holistic and exponential learning experience for her students. 

As the Head of Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship, Ms. Marie has instilled within students like me, a passion for making a difference in the lives of others and contributing to the goodwill of humanity, with the utilization of upcoming technologies and new concepts. She is a firm believer in the mantra: 'Making the Impossible Possible.' I look up to her as my role model, my source of positivity and inspiration in life. She provides students with the golden opportunity to interact with industry experts in the form of workshops, guides us from the first start to finish for every project, and inculcates within us the confidence and the knowledge to outdo ourselves in every competition/task. She also motivates students to initiate and spearhead their unique passion projects in the community.

Ms. Marie Ramos puts her heart and soul into every task she indulges in and does her best to give her students the best experiences and hone them for the bigger world of opportunities ahead. For this very purpose, Ms. Marie started the 'Outreach Mentor', a nonprofit set up that aims to support, empower and connect students by providing them access and opportunities to advance their career choices, action success, and achieve their goals.

She provides students with a positive and multicultural approach that hones interpersonal skills for individuals to be future leaders and have passionate personalities. With over 1.1k subscribers and over 50 videos with wonderful content on YouTube, Ms. Marie Ramos has guided thousands of students and helped them start off on the right path to their dreams. She the epitome of inspiration and care; she leaves a lifelong impact on a student. Students refer to her endearingly as "Marie Ma'am", but she's much more than that to us. She's our beloved mentor, our closest friend, and our family. I am proud and honored to be the student of the best teacher in the world, Ms. Marie Ramos. Everything I am today is because of her support and care.

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