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It is with sheer delight and passion that Ms.Tammy leads Collegiate American School. Collegiate American School is a special place filled with aspirations and acceptance.
She works on empowering teachers to use data to impact their teaching and learning. Teachers began to see the ranges of learning within each classroom and strategized to meet the needs of all learners. The manipulation of data sheets to group students and meet their strengths and weaknesses quickly became an expectation and priority. The flexibility in teaching styles supported the evolution of confident learners regardless of their ability throughout the school. Diagnostic strategies were used to assist all learners.

Building a community of leaders was also important for her. Working with the students to make choices and create plans for their peers to make the school a better place. The school began to give students voice and opportunities. As Dubai schools are seeking to infuse the culture and tradition of the UAE for all students to experience, she worked with a group of Emirati high school students to organize and lead UAE National Day. Albeit a small team of eight young men, they were challenged in collaboration, communication and execution of what ended up being a great event. Infused in the planning sessions were mentoring sessions about the possibilities of leadership within their country and the expectations the UAE had for its youth. The end product was a group of men that matured to be leaders, stepped outside of their comfort zone and demonstrated what being an Emirati was all about to international students.

A proud achievement for the school community is our practice of inclusivity. Learners with special needs are mainstreamed into the classrooms and accepted as an equal regardless of their disability. They thrive in a supported environment with teachers that extend positive learning experiences and students who support and celebrate their successes. I believe this to be an exceptional attribute of the school community. It is a simply beautiful yet challenging practice what we promote.

She was diagnosed with a medical condition which relapsed. The parents, teachers and especially students see her as a positive individual overcoming an obstacle. She instilled in them to see that any barrier can be dealt with and overcome. What resulted was students’ compassion increased, their kindness to one another and willingness to give back became evident. Ms.Tammy is a positive person with a belief that anything can happen. She facilitates a great team who wants the best for children. She is diligent in ensuring that students have their opportunities to reach their dreams with a smile on their faces.

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