Indian Schools In Dubai Show Improved Performance In KHDA School Inspections 2019

Posted on - 27th February, 2019 Posted by - Yallaschools

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Indian Schools in Dubai show Improved Performance in KHDA School Inspections 2019

Dubai, UAE - 30th January 2019 - It is good news for parents whose children are going to Indian Schools in Dubai. The quality of education imparted by Indian Schools has shown improved performance over the previous years in the latest Inspection Report released by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

The 2018-2019 'Indian Curriculum Schools' report showed that 31 out of 35 Indian-curriculum schools were inspected by Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) in Dubai. While, Gems Modern Academy retained its ‘Outstanding’ rating as in previous eight cycles. A total of five schools were rated ‘Very Good’, fifteen schools were rated ‘Good’, nine were ‘Acceptable’ while one was rated ‘Weak’.

Two Schools, namely Bilva Indian School and Amled School improved its rating from ‘Acceptable to ‘Good’ while Crescent English School improved its rating from ‘Weak’ to ‘Acceptable’. No school slipped in its rating as compared to the previous Inspection cycle and maintained the same ratings as last year.

The overall improvements in leadership, teaching, student outcomes in Science, Maths and English was evident across schools during this Inspection cycle. However, focus on Arabic as a second language need to be reflected in the overall progress, as per the KHDA report.

As per Fatima Bel Rehif, CEO of DISB, ‘We can clearly see an improvement in the quality of education on offer in the Indian-curriculum schools and this will further improve student outcomes and achievements in the years to come. The continued progress by Indian curriculum schools reflects the keenness of school leaders to improve inspection findings and improve quality of education in Dubai.’’

Schools rated ‘Very Good’ includes The Indian High School, Delhi Private School, Gems Our Own English High School, The Millennium School, Ambassador Kindergarten.

Schools rated ‘Good’ are Bilva Indian School, Amled School, Primus Private School, The Indian High School, Branch, Our Own High School, JSS International School, JSS Private School, Gems Our Own Indian School, The Kindergarten Starters, Ambassador School, Gems New Millennium School, Springdales School, The Indian Academy, Credence High School and Gems Heritage Indian School.

As per the KHDA report, 73 percent of the students are attending schools which are rated ‘Good’ or higher. This has gone up from 69 percent, last year. In the 3 schools that improved its rating, Bilva Indian School, Amled School and Crescent English School from the previous cycle, over 2400 students are part of it.

There are 79,113 students enrolled in Indian-curriculum schools. Three out of four of them are receiving 'good' or 'better' quality of education. Seventy-four per cent of the pupils follow a CBSE curriculum; 11 per cent follow CBSE and have an option to sit for KSB; and 10 per cent follow a CISE/ICSE curriculum.

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