GIIS Dubai's New Campus Integrates Vital Life Skills And Values By Design

Posted on - 26th March, 2021 Posted by - Yallaschools

GIIS Dubai Meydan Campus boasts of a petting zoo!


GIIS Dubai's New Campus Integrates Vital Life Skills And Values By Design

The newly opened campus of Global Indian International School Dubai boasts of a petting zoo! It has been designed to have ample number of outdoor learning spaces to integrate life skills, living in harmony with nature, and stronger cultural values into children’s day-to-day school education.

Frontrunners in imparting holistic, future-ready education, Global Indian International School’s Dubai campus recently announced that they’ve made the Big Switch – from Barsha south to the heart of the city in Meydan Street. The upgraded campus is equipped with state of the art facilities to bring their one of kind holistic and hybrid CBSE curriculum in close proximity to more residents of Dubai. With advanced teaching facilities and learning spaces that leave conventionally structured curriculum practices far behind, the new campus provides students with a one of its kind education experience. The new campus has been intelligently equipped with a wide array of innovative spaces and accessibility to open areas, factoring in the growing and dynamic needs of the global citizens of tomorrow. It’s high accessibility by public transport makes it all the more wonderful for students and parents. The Big Switch to the new address entails keeping all the successful GIIS practices intact along with introducing some interesting new initiatives.

Some of the biggest growth stimulators at GIIS Dubai’s Meydan Street campus are its many outdoor learning spaces and expanded STREAM (Research based) areas that empower students with more room and tools to learn and grow. These carefully designed learning areas unlock access to an upgraded range of opportunities that enable and encourage students to thrive here. The Big Switch lays serious emphasis conventionally ignored  co-curricular activities that can prove to be instrumental in imparting life skills and sound values. For instance, some interesting culinary and gardening activities have been made part of the curriculum as they can be strongly linked to conceptual learning. These fun-filled activities are fantastic learning opportunities that teach children some essential life skills. Another unique initiative that GIIS Dubai students can learn extensively from is their petting zoo. It has been designed to aid  children in developing enhanced communication skills and growing up to be more compassionate and empathetic towards the life around them on this planet. The notably increased number of open spaces at the contemporary campus facilitate in better physical health development, help increase children’s Vitamin D intake, and greatly improve their overall motor skills - all while also giving them the space to maintain healthy social distancing till the COVID-19 crisis is under control.

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