Toddler Town British Nursery (2012)

Jumeirah Beach Residence , Dubai Dubai View Map

Phone (+971) - 4 - 3882999

  • Grade Range -
  • Annual Fee Range AED 20,000 - AED 40,000
  • CurriculumBritish
  • Teacher - Student Ratio
  • LevelPre-School
  • Total Students0
  • StudentsCo-Educational
  • SENYes
  • Inspection RatingN.A. ()
  • Review Rating (0)
  • Sibling DiscountNo
  • Principal Ms. Sarika Singh


School Overview

At Toddler Town, we're proud winners of the 2016 "Nursery of the Year" award and are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and caring environment for children from the age of 6 months to 5 years. Our British nurseries in Dubai are fantastic places for your child to take his or her first steps on the educational ladder and to learn how to interact with other children in a safe space. We believe in a holistic approach to the teaching of young children, an approach that encompasses all their needs at this crucial early stage of their development. Young children require plenty of attention, which is why we ensure that our teacher to pupil ratio remains low for each age group. Baby Classes – For infants aged 6 months to 2 years, we guarantee a maximum teacher/pupil ratio of 1:4. This enables us to provide plenty of encouragement and support to your child at all times. At this stage, the teachers at our Dubai nursery are focused on helping their charges to express themselves creatively and to explore to their heart’s content. Toddler Classes – Once your child can walk, up until they reach 2 years of age, they can participate in our toddler classes, where the same ratio of 1:4 is still maintained. The daily programme we follow for children of this age is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and includes plenty of interactive, physical activities. Nursery Classes – From 2-3 years of age, we maintain a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:6, which is much lower than many nurseries in Dubai. This low ratio enables us to support your child as he or she develops more advanced social skills by participating in small group activities. Foundation Classes – Still with 1 teacher for every 6 children, our foundation classes are designed to prepare children for their first year in school. At this stage, we help them to build the foundations for their future academic experiences and to satisfy their curiosity by learning new concepts. Throughout their time with us, we ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop emotionally, intellectually and personally. As one of the very best nursery schools in Dubai, we attract teachers of the highest calibre, who are dedicated to a career in early learning, which means we are able to offer your child a fantastic start in life. In addition to our nursery school in Dubai, we also run a nursery in Jumeirah where your child can enjoy all the same advantages.


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Leadership and Teachers

"Excellent teachers are the essential ingredient for any top-notch nursery. TTBN is fortunate to have the resources to recruit and retain first class teachers who can bring out the best in each and every child. TTBN invests heavily in their staff’s professional development and sets high professional expectations." Our qualified early childhood teaching staff is professionally trained to create the stimulating and nurturing environment in which children learn and develop to their full potential. Toddler Town teachers realise the importance a warm, caring setting plays to a child's learning. This consistency of care plays a valuable role in children's learning and for this reason we pride ourselves on our low staff turnover.


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Annual Fees

AED 20,000

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