Springs Montessori Nursery (2008)

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Phone (+971) - 4 - 4271466

  • Grade Range -
  • Annual Fee Range AED 0 - AED 0
  • CurriculumBritish
  • Teacher - Student Ratio
  • LevelPre-School
  • Total Students0
  • StudentsCo-Educational
  • SENYes
  • Inspection RatingN.A. ()
  • Review Rating (0)
  • Sibling DiscountNo
  • Principal Mr.


School Overview

At the Springs Montessori Nursery, our aim is to make learning as happy an experience as possible. We help each child to develop confidence, independence, self-esteem, self-discipline and social skills. The children are given the time and space to complete their chosen work without interruption. "One test of the correctness of the educational procedure is the happiness of the child." Maria Montessori Our nursery follows the teaching method set by Dr Maria Montessori (1870-1952) who pioneered an approach to education that focuses on children’s innate desire to learn and their enormous capacity to do so when provided with the right environment and the appropriate materials under the guidance of a watchful and caring teacher. “The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say: The children are now working as if I did not exist”. Maria Montessori The Montessori curriculum focuses on six core areas of learning: Practical Life; Sensorial; Mathematics; Language; Cultural; and Creative activities. Stepping into one of our Casa classes, you are likely to be struck by two things – the clean, ordered nature of the ‘prepared environment’, and the calm, quiet hum of busy concentration. Looking around you, you may also notice that all sorts of specially designed learning materials are freely available to the children at all time. And you will also see children of different ages working alongside each other, older children helping younger ones, acting as role models while also reinforcing and celebrating their own learning. To get a real insight into a Montessori classroom, you can call to book a tour of the Springs Nursery which is located opposite Springs 7 Community.


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