Yellow Brick Road Nursery (2001)

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Phone (+971) - 4 - 2828290

  • Grade Range -
  • Annual Fee Range AED 25,000 - AED 25,000
  • CurriculumBritish
  • Teacher - Student Ratio1:18
  • LevelPre-School
  • Total Students0
  • StudentsCo-Educational
  • SENYes
  • Inspection RatingN.A. ()
  • Review Rating (0)
  • Sibling DiscountNo
  • Principal Ms. Bernadette King-Turner


School Overview

Yellow Brick Road Nursery is the first of our four Beautiful Minds Nurseries, and on 16th April 2018, we will proudly celebrate our 17th anniversary! We are a very special early childhood nursery environment for children where the rhythm of daily life is gentle and unhurried, where the deep needs of babies and children to create, initiate and imagine freely are unhindered. Yellow Brick Road Nursery has a unique and distinctive approach to early learning and preschool education. Our early years teaching methods are dedicated to creating a genuine love for learning within each child. Our children rely on us, the adults in their lives’, not only to protect them from harmful and unhealthy influences but also to provide an environment in which they can develop at their pace. The early learning education we offer your preschool children at Yellow Brick Road Nursery strives to engage and nourish each child’s innate curiosity and love of learning. We offer a balance of academic, artistic, and practical activities, so your child receives a wonderful childhood education giving full preparation for life’s experiences. Yellow Brick Road Nursery is purposely designed as a ‘child’s world’ – not an ‘adult’s world in miniature’, therefore, particular care and attention have evoked minute and beautiful details throughout the Nursery to enhance the best of early childhood education in each and every child. Yellow Brick Road Nursery is honoured to have early education qualified and experienced staff whose dedication and sole purpose is to take care of your babies and children’s unique learning styles such as math, art and science within our nursery syllabus. Your child will feel like he/she is in a home away from home as so much thought and expertise has gone into creating such a beautiful, safe and holistic Nursery. Our children are from many countries – at times more than 90 nationalities – this we are proud of as the Nursery is truly a ‘United Nations in Miniature’! Yellow Brick Road Nursery offers your child a unique, secure, loving and fun environment filled with experiences, opportunities and activities to help him/her learn and develop. Each of our Nursery classroom staff are holders of either early childhood, elementary or nursing degrees / diplomas. Our criteria for employing early childhood staff is not by their nationality or which country they were born in. But rather by their qualification, their experience, their references and most of all their genuine love and dedication for caring for and educating young children. At the time of each staff interview, we instinctively seek the prospective staff who has ‘that something special kind of heart beat’ – for those who understand early years care and education, they will understand our words here – it takes a very special kind of person to love and care for other’s children and a university degree alone, cannot ‘produce that person’ – their devotion for the children – MUST first come from the love in their hearts.


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Leadership and Teachers

We are particularly proud of our multicultural team as this represents the United Arab Emirates and the richness of culture and community that surrounds us every day in Dubai. Above all else, we love that all our staff are qualified with Bachelor of Education or Cache Level 3 Early Years Diplomas and so all practices are informed and correct according to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British Curriculum. Just in case you didn’t already know we do not employ nannies nor assistants – and what exactly does this mean? Each of our Nursery classroom staff is a university graduate in either teaching or nursing. The classroom in-charge is the Classroom Supervisor, and all other classroom staff are Classroom Teachers. We honour each of our staff and give them the full respect they deserve as qualified professional women. Our criteria for employing Nursery staff is recognising and acknowledging the staff’s professional love and dedication for each child entrusted to their care; nationalities come second to the goodness of the ‘human factor’. Our qualified staff help your children along their early year’s journey to develop their very own style of confidence, self-esteem, respect for others and their own joy for life. The emphasis of learning for all the children’s age groups is on play – this primarily means that within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we follow the children’s individual strengths and interests.


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Annual Fees

AED 25,000

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