Newlands School (2017)

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Phone (+971) - 4 - 2821200

  • Grade Range FS 1 - YEAR 9
  • Annual Fee Range AED 19,200 - AED 31,800
  • CurriculumBritish
  • Teacher - Student Ratio1:12
  • LevelMiddle
  • Total Students754
  • StudentsCo-Educational
  • SENYes
  • Inspection RatingAcceptable (KHDA)
  • Review Rating (0)
  • Sibling DiscountNo
  • Principal Ms. David Miles


School Overview

Our curriculum adheres closely to the framework of the National Curriculum for England (NCfE), which is largely subject- and stage- based. The NCfE provides an entitlement curriculum up to the end of Key Stage 3, (age 14) which means that students in each age cohort study the same subjects, regardless of their background, nationality or level of academic attainment. The curriculum also includes (a) Arabic and Islamic Studies, and (b) cross-curricular understanding in the key areas specified by KHDA and DSIB (personal responsibility, understanding of Islamic values and awareness of Emirati and world cultures, and community and environmental responsibility). ’Innovation’ also features in the curriculum, in the form of stimulating student thinking and encouraging action to achieve innovative outcomes. We also provide students with concrete entrepreneurial experiences that help them to connect with local and international social enterprises and businesses, starting their own projects and enhancing their opportunities for employment. Once these creative, innovative, problem solving and critically thinking students join the workforce, they will further help Dubai to harness knowledge-based and innovation-led economic growth. We take part in international conferences, along the lines of thinking about the “School of Tomorrow”, in order to examine and explore new ways of learning and teaching which support innovative and knowledge-based economies. Innovative ideas are always welcomed through a “Big Ideas Box” campaign throughout the school and the best ideas will not only be rewarded with certificates but also financed for their success. Our intention is to provide a rich international curriculum that is relevant to the communities in Dubai who will seek a place at the school. Dubai’s communities value the NCfE for its quality, structure and organisation and – in addition – we find that they want their cultures, histories and narratives to be recognised and honoured. The school celebrates this diversity, every day, and will ensure that all children learn about their own background and identity, while growing up in a truly international city.


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Leadership and Teachers

Newlands School has an experienced and qualified teaching staff. Our teachers have all worked with schools that have enriched the National Curriculum for England before and many have worked in the UAE and in the region. Each Year Group has a ‘Year Leader’ and each class will have a Tutor who takes responsibility for the care and all-round development of each student. The Tutors also lead on communication between the student’s home and the school. Additionally, there is a Head of Careers, and a Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO). Our Admin team consists of a registrar, receptionists, general manager, accountants, and marketing manager.


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Annual Fees

FS 1
AED 19,200

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