RIT Dubai - A Global American University In Dubai

Dubai’s leading U.S. university, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai (RIT Dubai) has impressive rankings, a not-for-profit status and offers exceptional opportunities to study or transfer abroad. The University attracts a diverse, ambitious and engaged student body, leading to valuable connections that last a lifetime.

With almost 200 years of delivering world-class programs in the U.S, RIT has been in Dubai since 2008 and offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs. Students graduate with an internationally recognized U.S degree that is also accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs.

‘RIT Dubai is a university with a vision to be a premier provider of career-focused higher education in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. RIT Dubai has been increasingly recognized in several publications as one of the top universities in the UAE, one of the best choices to make and lately, have won the “Best American University for Engineering in the UAE” 2019 title. All of these achievements and many more, are a result of a clique of talented, special and committed students like you’ said Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf – President RIT Dubai
RIT Dubai offers programmes across the fields of Business, Computing and Engineering, with a growing stable of options across the sciences and liberal arts. The suite of programmes is always evolving to make sure the curricula is meeting and exceeding the needs of the market. Working closely with its main campus, corporate and government entities in the UAE, the university strives to develop programmes that elicit the expertise of its outstanding faculty and allow students to study in areas that are the growing sectors of the early 21st century. Artificial intelligence and robotics; renewable and sustainable energy; data analytics; fintech and computing security, are all focus areas for the wider global landscape, and all of which RIT has sought to offer to the students of the UAE and our international cohorts.
RIT can lead and design the pathways for our younger generations and deliver academics that will put them in a position to succeed personally and professionally. Conversely, aiding them with other aspects of life where we provide a wealth of extra-curricular clubs and activities and ensure that our student support network is also readily available for their positive mental health and wellbeing.

RIT's bachelor's and master's programmes are in the prime place to meet the needs demanded by future markets across the digital space, and those core soft skills that the growth in technology and AI cannot replace. Its impetus in creating an entrepreneurial spirit has never been so keenly felt in times where markets are so unsure; RIT students are being equipped with the skills that will give them an array of options to thrive.

The University provides a varied range of opportunities for its students, but most importantly provide them with the expertise to create their own opportunities. One of the key components of the studies at RIT is the Cooperative Programme - a mandatory internship as part of their core curricula. This is a fantastic way for students to gain industry and professional experience whilst still learning the theoretical elements. For example, the engineering students are required to do a year in industry. Upon graduation they attain their UAE Ministry of Education accredited degree, with a year already completed in the market they will be working in. This additionally provides them with key contacts and tremendous networking openings.
RIT has secured its place amongst the top 100 universities in the US and continues to do this for every programme individually. Consistent funding of professorial research and programme development allows us to keep striving forward.

RIT Dubai has been named by Global Brands Magazine as the Best University for Engineering in the UAE-2019 and is also being mentioned in several national publications as one of the top universities in the UAE.


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