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Ultimate Victory | Anishaa Jaisinghani

Posted on - 27th February, 2019 Posted by - Yallaschools


Ultimate Victory | Anishaa Jaisinghani

Ultimate Victory by Anishaa Jaisinghani

Stuck in a state of despair and gloom,

Sinking deep into the river of doom,

Baffled by the uncertainty of fate,

Crying and sobbing in a miserable state.


Your doleful eyes, in endless pain is fraught,

Seems your life is totally distraught,

Inspite of all your efforts, you don't get to glory,

Your crestfallen face surely tells a story.


Even when you're stuck in a gloomy, dark place,

And Destiny entraps you in all possible ways,

You lose your faith in fortune and fate,

Don't give up, you're born to be great!


Rise up, take on every odd,

Have resolute faith in fortune and God,

These rough times will be followed by days of glory,

And you'll script down a glorious life story!


Commit to your purpose, for which you're born,

With determination, your life you adorn,

The world which laughs at you today,

Will hail you someday!


And when you'll get that glory and fame,

With the whole world, singing glories to your name,

Back you'll go and thank those days,

Which unleashed your determination in myriad ways!


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