Gems Wellington Primary School (2008)
Al Satwa , Dubai Dubai

FS1 - YEAR 6

Very Good

Total Students
Teacher - Student Ratio
Fee Range
42,508 - 52,582


About the School

GEMS Wellington Primary School is committed to inspiring intellectual and ethical excellence, ensuring that students are prepared to participate with integrity in a global community. We provide a collaborative and caring community in which each student is known, understood and valued. This means that our young people reach their full potential in a safe, inclusive environment with high expectations. Set on a modern, vibrant campus with world-class facilities in Dubai’s most prestigious business environment, Sheikh Zayed Road, GEMS Wellington Primary School offers the National Curriculum for England from Foundation Stage to Year 6. We believe students’ education should be fun and practical in order to allow them to learn. With this in mind, we provide a stimulating curriculum in which the children have plenty of first-hand experiences, enjoying both a broad range of trips and the opportunity to listen to visitors coming into school to enrich their learning. The National Curriculum for England is carefully structured to provide a balance of subjects and allow individual students to play to their academic strengths. The emphasis is on world-class teaching in well-equipped classrooms and with small class sizes, allowing plenty of one-on-one attention for our children.

About the Students

The curriculum is underpinned in every way by the GEMS core values of World Citizenship, Leadership Qualities, Universal Values and Forward Thinking. These values mould curriculum planning so that pupils are not only prepared for academic success, but equipped to be well-rounded lifelong learners and responsible, proactive members of the global community, poised to engage the future with competence and confidence. The preparation of our pupils for their future in a world where globalisation and technology are driving rapid change requires that the curriculum at every point will include the use of ICT to enhance its delivery and to draw on world resources.

About Teachers

Well qualified teaching staff with relevant UK experience are carefully selected to complement the school ethos and be part of an innovative, energetic team dedicated to achieving the best from all students.

Annual Fees

Grade FS 1
Fees 42508

About Infrastructure & Extra-curricular

Exceptional Achievements

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