Gems Royal Dubai School (2005)
Al Mizhar , Dubai Dubai

FS1 - YEAR 6


Total Students
Teacher - Student Ratio
Fee Range
37,554 - 47,351


About the School

Opened in September 2005, GEMS Royal Dubai School offers an exceptional quality of education from Foundation Stage to Year 6. It is the only outstanding primary school in the Mirdif area and offers the National Curriculum for England, taught by British trained and experienced teachers who have been chosen for their ability to create a motivational, child-centred environment. This has led to the school being recognised as ‘Outstanding’ by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) and certified as a British School Overseas (BSO) Throughout the school a warm and friendly ‘family’ atmosphere pervades. Self-confidence and self-esteem thrive in an environment that is encouraging, academically challenging and rewarding. We teach the skills and knowledge recommended by GEMS English Curriculum schools in Dubai, using the best of traditional and modern methods. Individuals are important to us and we aim to give all of our children positive encouragement during their school life to help them develop into accomplished, happy, self confident, well- mannered young people who have respect for others. We strongly value links with parents at GEMS Royal Dubai School and work hard to develop effective home-school partnerships. This includes regular communication and times for us to meet and listen to each other as well as an exciting mix of performances, exhibitions, competitions and sporting events. What is most important in our school is a warm family atmosphere where the children feel safe, secure and happy.

About the Students

By giving individual attention to each student we can identify any particular talent or issue that needs to be addressed to ensure that every child who leaves GEMS Royal Dubai School has achieved their full potential and is ready for the next step on to senior school. GEMS Royal Dubai School focus on an holistic education that extends beyond the classroom to embrace a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, nature trips, arts and crafts and exploratory excursions that provide a well-rounded experience and development of student potential. Our teachers are specialists in their fields and encourage our children to participate, create and contribute. GEMS Education has over 55 years of success-proven experience, bringing a unique brand of quality education to communities around the world. Our core educational values - Leading Through Innovation, Pursuing Excellence, Growing by Learning, Global Citizenship - are combined with an innovative, relevant approach to education. Strong pastoral care, high quality teaching and a great emphasis on extra-curricular activities make this a very special Dubai school in which to grow and learn.

About Teachers

At GEMS Royal Dubai School we concentrate all of our efforts on the individual, with our values and ethos underpinning everything that we do. We focus on the quality of the journey and not just the outcome. We engage in a process of constant improvement and provide an environment that breeds ambition and achievement through diverse opportunities to succeed. And this is true not only with our students, but with our teachers too. Consequently, GEMS Education provides a comprehensive programme of induction and ongoing professional development. The performance of Principals and all staff is subject to regular review, from which further training needs are identified. Our training programmes are subject to stringent quality assurance and evaluation, and are continually revised to meet changing needs and to incorporate the latest developments in teaching and learning. Many lead to nationally recognised qualifications, such as NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headteachers, UK) or ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence), for which two GEMS Education schools in the UAE are registered training centres. You can be assured that teachers from GEMS Royal Dubai School are highly qualified and experienced, and will constantly participate in ongoing training programmes in order to further their skills and abilities. This expertise allows them to develop a child’s belief that they can accomplish anything that they set their mind to, and in doing so adopt a growth mindset.

Annual Fees

Grade FS 1
Fees 37554

About Infrastructure & Extra-curricular

Exceptional Achievements

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