Dubai Heights Academy (2017)
Al Barsha , Dubai Dubai
(971)-4-356 3333

FS1 - YEAR 6


Total Students
Teacher - Student Ratio
Fee Range
39,780 - 52,560


About the School

At Dubai Heights Academy we strive to do the best we can for our children in the way that is best for them. Dubai Heights Academy is all about our children and we place great value in ensuring that the professionals who work with them maintain the highest standards. An outstanding educational experience is the greatest gift that we can give our children who will be the leaders of future generations. As the world is rapidly changing we need to ensure that all of our children go out into the globally competitive world with the skills, attributes and behaviours for twenty-first century living. We want our children to be excited about coming to school and to love learning. We want them to be motivated, tuned in and challenged. Most of all, we want children to know that success is in each and every one of them and comes as a result of their own effort and hard work. We want them to believe that they can improve and learn and to be delighted and proud of their many achievements. School is far more than a place to work and learn. It is also where we begin to build relationships with other people, find out how we work collaboratively, develop a sense of ourselves and discover how we as individuals fit into our world and society. We believe that it takes the whole community to educate a child, which is why we take our partnership with parents so seriously.

About the Students

Dubai Heights Academy provides a warm, supportive environment which enables each learner to be healthy, safe, engaged and challenged. Class sizes are small so that students are known by all members of staff and they feel comfortable to approach any staff member should they need to do so.

About Teachers

Annual Fees

Grade FS 1
Fees 39780

About Infrastructure & Extra-curricular

Exceptional Achievements

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