Brighton College Dubai (2018)
Al Barsha South , Dubai Dubai

FS1 - YEAR 13


Total Students
Teacher - Student Ratio
Fee Range
64,000 - 98,000


About the School

Brighton College, England’s top co-educational school opened in Dubai in September 2018*. Brighton College Dubai offers pupils a vibrant and challenging learning environment, and a distinctive British independent school ethos which reflects the values and dynamic culture of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Brighton College Dubai will deliver the Brighton College Curriculum, which is based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales, leading to the award of International GCSE and A-level. The school will provide a deep, broad and balanced curriculum that consistently offers rich, varied and highly engaging lessons and extra-curricular opportunities to allow all children to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential. The College will open in September 2018* for pupils from FS1 to Year 9 and grow organically each year to reach Year 13. Located in Al Barsha South in a purpose-built campus, Brighton College Dubai boasts state-of-the-art facilities and is committed to becoming the leading British curriculum school in the Middle East. With highly experienced and talented Academic and support staff, the School is able to provide an outstanding level of education, just as other Brighton Colleges already do around the world. Brighton College Dubai is the third sister school of Brighton College UK in the UAE. The College is supported by the Center for Excellence in Arabic Language, Culture and the Arts which is located on the same campus and dedicated to enhancing the learning of Arabic language, culture and arts. Our deeply embedded links with Brighton College UK and its other sister schools in the UAE and beyond will assist us to make good our claim to represent the very best of British education. Welcome to Brighton College Dubai!

About the Students

Brighton College pupils are encouraged to develop their own talents to the full. In doing so they are expected to share those talents with a generosity of spirit and an enthusiasm to benefit others. Their success in excelling both in and out of the classroom is driven by our understanding of being a family school with a strong sense of community at our heart. Each child will be a valued member of the College community. We will strive to provide a safe and happy environment for boys and girls to develop their strengths and interests. We will provide a caring, supportive and tolerant community in which your son or daughter will thrive and love to learn, in which there are no stereotypes and where every achievement, however small, is noticed. From this we expect our pupils to have a love of learning for its own sake, which will lead them to excel in formal examination settings in later years at school and beyond. There are many ways in which we encourage our pupils to develop independence and leadership qualities. The importance of the Brighton College House system is key to this, as well as a focus for our excellent pastoral care structures, which support the personal and social development of our pupils throughout their time at school.

About Teachers

Annual Fees

Grade FS 1
Fees 64000

About Infrastructure & Extra-curricular

Exceptional Achievements

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